Hi, I’m Idrees Farooq and I’m 24 years old. I was born and raised in Pakistan, but I now live in Dubai. I am passionate about spreading the message of Islam through my writing and I consider myself to be the best Islamic article writer. I believe that my writing is a powerful tool for sharing my beliefs and inspiring others to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

On my website, you’ll find a collection of English and Urdu quotes and articles on a variety of Islamic topics. I aim to provide my followers with inspiring and thought-provoking content that will help them to deepen their understanding of their faith.

I can be found on social media under the same username, “voiceofidrees,” and I’m always happy to connect with my followers and engage in meaningful discussions. Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope that my articles will be a source of guidance and inspiration for you.

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