Allah ki Mohabbat: Mushkilat se Sukoon tak

Description in Roman Urdu:

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala apne bandon se be-inteha mohabbat karte hain. Wo hamein apni rehmat aur muhabbat se nawazte hain. Allah ka pyaar hamari zindagi ka aham hissa hai, jo humein hamare musibaton aur mushkilat ka sahara banata hai.

Kabhi-kabhi ham zindagi mein imtehanon aur pareshaniyon ka samna karte hain. Ye mushkilat hamare liye achanak se paida ho jate hain aur humein pareshan kar dete hain. Lekin humein yaad rakhna chahiye ke Allah hamare har lamhe ki nazar mein hai aur hamari takleefon ko samajhta hai.

Allah hamare liye sabse behtar janta hai ki hum kis tarah ki mushkilat se guzar rahe hain. Wo hamare dil se guzarte huye hamare liye asaan rastay banate hain. Shayad hum samajh na paen ke kyun aur kaise, lekin hamari mohabbat se Allah hamari madad karte hain.

Kabhi kabhi hum pareshan hote hain, ansuon se doob jate hain aur dil tarapta hai. Lekin Allah hamare liye hamein sukoon ka zariya banata hai. Hamari ansuon se aur tarapte dil se Allah ki muhabbat aur qurbat ka ehsas paida hota hai.

Jab hum mushkilat ka samna karte hain, Allah hamare paas hota hai. Wo hamare dil ko samjhta hai aur hamari duao ko qabool karta hai. Uski rehmat aur muhabbat se hamare dil ka sakoon paida hota hai. Hamare paas Allah ka wada hai ke wo hamari pareshaniyon ko dur karenge aur hamari zindagi mein asaniyan paida karenge.

Allah hamare dard aur takleef ko samajhta hai. Wo hamein sahi raah dikha kar hamare liye behtar banata hai. Hamari mohabbat aur yaqeen se Allah hamare musibaton ko hal karte hain. Wo hamari madad karne ke liye hamare qareeb hote hain, bas humein apni mohabbat aur iman se unki madad ke qabil banana hai.

Allah Jinsy pyar karta hai, wo hamein musibaton ki rahat aur sukoon deta hai. Humein yaqeen rakhna chahiye ke har mushkil ke peechay Allah ka koi maqsad hota hai. Wo hamare imtihan ke liye hamari zindagi mein mushkilat bhejte hain, taaki hum unki rehmat aur madad ka ahsas kar sakein.

Isliye, jab ham pareshan hote hain, dil tarapta hai aur ansuon se guzar rahe hain, toh humein yaad rakhna chahiye ke hamare liye sab behtar hoga. Allah hamare dil ka sukoon ban sakta hai, agar hum unki muhabbat aur hikmat par yaqeen rakhein.

Wo hamein mushkilat se nikaal kar hamare liye asaniyan paida karte hain. Jab hum unki taraf ruju karte hain, unki rehmat hamare samne khuli ho jati hai. Allah hamein hidayat aur taufeeq ata karte hain, takay hum apni zindagi mein musibaton se nijat pa sakein.

English Translations:

Allah, the Most Glorious and Exalted, loves His servants boundlessly. He bestows upon us His mercy and affection. Allah’s love is a crucial part of our lives, as it becomes our support in times of difficulties and hardships.

At times, we encounter trials and challenges in life. These difficulties arise suddenly and cause us distress. However, we must remember that Allah is aware of every moment we go through, and He understands our troubles.

Allah knows best the kind of hardships we are facing. He paves easier paths for us as He passes through our hearts. We may not fully comprehend why or how, but Allah assists us with His love.

Sometimes, we become worried, overwhelmed by tears, and our hearts ache. But Allah becomes the source of tranquility for us. Through our tears and restless hearts, we experience the realization of Allah’s love and proximity.

When we confront challenges, Allah is with us. He comprehends our hearts and accepts our prayers. It is through His mercy and love that peace is born in our hearts. Allah has promised to alleviate our worries and bring ease into our lives.

Allah understands our pain and hardship. He guides us onto the right path, making us better through His benevolence. With our love and faith, Allah resolves our difficulties. He is close to us, ready to assist us, and we need only make ourselves deserving of His help through our love and faith.

Allah, who loves us, provides us comfort and serenity amidst adversities. We must believe that behind every difficulty, there is a purpose from Allah. He sends challenges into our lives as a test, so that we may realize His mercy and assistance.

Therefore, when we feel troubled, our hearts ache, and tears flow, we must remember that what is best for us lies ahead. Allah has the power to bring tranquility to our hearts if we believe in His love and wisdom.

He rescues us from difficulties and creates opportunities for us. When we turn to Him, His mercy unfolds before us. Allah grants us guidance and enables us to find deliverance from hardships in our lives.

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