Believing in Allah’s Plan: The Power of Acceptance and Faith

Urdu Descriptions

Allah Ta’ala hamare maalik aur hamari zaat ke faa’il hai, jis ki qudrat aur qudrat par koi shak nahin. Har insan ki zindagi mein aise pal aate hain jab usay kuch hasil nahin hota, jab koi maqsad na paaya jaaye, jab koi chiz mukammal nahin ho paati. Lekin humain yeh yakeen rakhna chahiye ke jo bhi Allah ki marzi hai, woh hamare liye behter hi hai.

Isi tarah, agr koi chiz hamare mukadar mein nahi likhi hai, to humain uski taalash karne ke liye bechain hona nahi chahiye. Hum apni duaaon ko Allah Ta’ala ke paas pohonchate hain, lekin kisi bhi cheez ki haqeeqat tab tak hamare liye samajhna mushkil hai jab tak Allah Ta’ala ke hukm se yeh amal hamare qareeb na aaye.

Isliye, humain har haal mein sabr aur himmat ki zaroorat hai. Agar humein kuch nahi milta toh humain yeh yakeen rakhna chahiye ke Allah Ta’ala ne humare liye kuch aur behter taqdeer mein likha hoga. Allah Ta’ala hamain apni rehmat se nawazay aur humain hidayat de ke hum sahi aur achay raastay par chalein. Ameen.

English Translations:

“Allah Ta’ala is the Creator and the Doer of all things, and His power and ability cannot be doubted. There are moments in everyone’s life when they are unable to achieve their goals or when something is left incomplete. However, we must believe that whatever Allah has planned for us is always for the best.

Similarly, if something is not written in our destiny, we should not be restless in searching for it. We pray to Allah and leave the rest to Him, but the reality of anything cannot be fully comprehended until it is near us through the will of Allah.

Therefore, we need patience and courage in all circumstances. If we do not achieve something, we should have faith that Allah has planned something better for us. May Allah bless us with His mercy and guidance so that we may walk on the right path. Ameen.”

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