Finding Peace in Hard Times: Idrees Farooq’s Advice on Sabr and Yaqeen

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Urdu Translations

Idrees Farooq, ek mashoor Urdu tehreer kaar hain jinhon ne apni tafseeli rai aur mashwarat ke zariye logon ki madad ki hai. Un ki tehreeron mai deen-e-Islam ki roshni mai aam zindagi ke masail ko hal karne ka tariqa bayan kya jata hai.

Unhon ne ek baar apni tehreer mai yeh farmaya hai keh jab Allah humein kisi cheez se mehroom karta hai toh iska matlab yeh nahi keh woh humein kuch nahi dena chahta, balke woh chahta hai keh hum apni arzooon ke liye mazeed sabr karen aur is se bhi barh kar Khuda ke fazal-o-karam par yaqeen rakhen keh woh humein behtareen denge. Yeh baat humein hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye keh Allah humein jo bhi ata karte hain woh hamare liye behtareen hota hai, aur agar koi cheez hamare liye behtar nahi hoti toh Allah humein us se mehroom kar dete hain. Is liye humein Khuda par yaqeen rakhte hue apni zindagi ke har mod par sabr karna chahiye aur us ke hukum ko tasleem karna chahiye.

English Translations

Idrees Farooq is a famous Urdu writer who has helped people through his detailed opinions and advice. His writings shed light on solving everyday life problems in the light of Islam.

In one of his writings, he said that when Allah deprives us of something, it does not mean that He does not want to give us anything. Rather, He wants us to have more patience for our desires and have faith in His grace and mercy that He will give us something better. We must always remember that whatever Allah gives us is the best for us, and if something is not better for us, He deprives us of it. Therefore, we should have patience at every stage of our life while having faith in Allah and accepting His commands.

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