Namaz: Zindagi ki Rahnumai aur Mushkilat ka Hal

Description in Roman Urdu:

“Allah par yaqeen rakhna bohat zaroori hai. Namaz ki pabandi karna insan ke liye Allah ki ibadat ka sabab nahi balke is se apni rooh ki sakoon aur taraqi hasil hoti hai. Jab insan apne dil mein Allah ki yaad ko tarjeeh deta hai aur apni zindagi ko shariah ke mutabiq guzarta hai to wo aik aisa zinda shaks ban jata hai jis ka Allah Ta’ala har amal mein saath deta hai aur use apni rahmat se nawazta hai. Agar koi shakhs musibat aur azmaishon mein mubtala hai to wo Allah ke liye namaz parhna shuru kare aur apni zindagi mein Namaz ki pabandi ko apna mamool bana le. Allah Ta’ala khud us ke tamaam mushkilat ka hal farmaega aur use apni rahmat se nawazega.” -Idrees Farooq

English Translations:

“It is very important to have faith in Allah. Observing prayers is not only a means of worshiping Allah but also a way to attain inner peace and progress for oneself. When a person prioritizes Allah in their heart and follows the guidance of Sharia in their life, they become a living person whom Allah supports in every action and bestows His blessings upon. If someone is facing difficulties and trials, they should start praying for Allah and make it a habit to observe prayers in their life. Allah Himself will provide solutions to all their difficulties and bless them with His mercy.” -Idrees Farooq

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