Namumkin Se Mumkin Tak: Yaqeen-e-Ilahi aur Khud Par Bharosa

Descriptions in Roman Urdu:

Jab tak hum apni khwahishat aur maqsadon ki taraf rukh na badlein, tab tak hamari zindagi mein hamesha kuch na kuch namumkin kaam zaroor aayenge. Lekin is haqiqat se nihayat aham hai ke hum aasmanon ki bulandiyo ko chhu sakte hain, jab hum apne kaamon ko Allah, Mabood-e-Haqiqi, par chhod dete hain.

Jab hum apni taqdeer aur kismat ko khud samajhte hain, tab Allah ki rahmat aur qudrat ka ehsas hamari ankhon mein chamakne lagta hai. Hamein yakeen rakhna chahiye ke Allah hamare liye har mumkin aur namumkin kaam ko bhi aasan karne ki taqat rakhta hai. Uski rehmat mein gharq hokar, hum muskilat se nikal kar apni manzilon ko paa sakte hain.

Namumkin sirf hamare soch aur imaan ki hadd tak hai. Jab hum apni koshishon aur mehnat ko Allah par chhod dete hain, toh woh humare saath hota hai aur humein madad farmaata hai. Kabhi-kabhi zindagi humare samne mushkilaat aur aazmaishon ka safar rakh deti hai, lekin humein yaad rakhna chahiye ke har aazmaish sirf ek mauka hai Allah ki rehmat se rubaru hone ka.

Aur jab hum apne kaamon ko Allah par chhod dete hain, toh uski hikmat aur qudrat hamare saath mil kar kaam karti hai. Uski hukumat ke samne koi bhi namumkin kaam koi bhi asaan ho jata hai. Isliye, hamein hamesha yaqeen rakna chahiye ke jab tak hum apni zindagi ko uski marzi ke mutabiq guzarte hain, tab tak humari manzilein hamein apne qadam chhodti nazar ayengi.

Yaqeen ke saath apne kaamon ko Allah par chhodne ka faisla aapki zindagi ko roshan aur behtareen banane ka raasta hai. Jab hum apni taqat aur hosle se harkat karte hain, toh Allah humare sath chalne lagte hain aur humein uski rehmat se nawazte hain. Uski madad se, hum apne namumkin kaamon ko bhi mumkin bana sakte hain aur khud ko kamyaab bana sakte hain.

Toh aaj se hi apne dil mein yaqeen paida karein, apne kaamon ko Allah par chhod dein aur dekhein kaise woh aapke namumkin kaamon ko bhi mumkin bana dete hain. Zindagi ke har imtehan aur musibat ko himmat se samjhein aur unka samna karne ka hosla rakhein, kyunki yakeen rakhna hi hai jo aapko aapki manzil tak pahunchayega.

English Translations:

As long as we don’t change our direction towards our desires and goals, there will always be some impossible tasks in our lives. However, it is crucial to recognize the reality that we can reach the heights of the sky when we surrender our endeavors to Allah, the True Deity.

When we perceive our destiny and fate as our own doing, the realization of Allah’s mercy and power begins to shine in our eyes. We must believe that Allah holds the capability to make every possible and impossible task easy for us. By drowning ourselves in His mercy, we can overcome difficulties and reach our destinations.

The impossible is only limited by our thoughts and faith. When we leave our efforts and hard work in the hands of Allah, He stands by our side and assists us. Sometimes, life presents us with a journey of challenges and trials, but we must remember that every trial is only an opportunity to experience Allah’s mercy.

And when we entrust our tasks to Allah, His wisdom and power combine with our efforts. In the face of His authority, any impossible task becomes effortless. Therefore, we should always maintain faith that as long as we follow His will in our lives, our destinations will not elude us.

With faith, the decision to leave our tasks to Allah illuminates and paves the way for a brighter and better life. When we move forward with our strength and determination, Allah walks alongside us, bestowing us with His mercy. With His assistance, we can transform our impossible tasks into possible ones and make ourselves successful.

So, from today onwards, instill belief in your heart, leave your tasks to Allah, and witness how He turns your impossible tasks into possible ones. Understand every challenge and hardship in life with courage and maintain the resilience to face them, as it is faith that will lead you to your destination.

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