Trusting Allah’s Decisions: The Power of Dua and Acceptance

Urdu Translation

Hamari zindagi mein kaafi aisi cheezein hoti hain jinhein hum haasil karna chahte hain. Kabhi kisi maqsad ke liye dua karte hain to kabhi kisi khwahish ko pura karne ki koshish karte hain. Isi tarah humare paas rozana bohot si muraadon, maqasid aur umeedein hoti hain. In sab ka haq hai hamare zindagi mein aur hamare liye khushi ka sabab ban sakti hain.

Lekin jab hum kisi cheez ki talaash mein lagte hain, to humein sabse pehle apne Rab se uski darkhwast karni chahiye. Hum jo bhi maangte hain, humein Allah Ta’ala wohi ata karta hai jo humare haq mein behtar hota hai. Hamari nazar mein kuch cheezein khushi ka sabab ban sakti hain lekin humare Rab ke nazdeek shayad wo cheezein humare haq mein behtar na ho.

Isliye humein apni iltijaon ko Allah Ta’ala par chor kar khush rahna chahiye. Humari iltijaon aur khwahishon ke peechey jo bhi maqsad ho, humein us par aitbaar karna chahiye. Kabhi kabhi Allah Ta’ala humare liye behtari ki raah par chalne ke liye hamari khwahishon ko pura karna nahi chahte. Hum jo maang rahe hote hain wo Allah Ta’ala ke nazar mein bohot chota hota hai, aur uske saamne bohot si cheezein hote hain jinhein hum samajh nahi sakte.

Isliye humein un cheezon se guzarna chahiye jo hamare Rab ki raza ke khilaf hain. Allah Ta’ala ki taqat ka andaza humare samajh se bahar hai aur woh sab kuch karne ke qabil hai. Humari haajat ka pata Allah Ta’ala ke nazdeek hai aur woh hamari haajat se behtar kuch ata karne mein qabil hai. Hamari zindagi mein aisi bohot si cheezein hoti hain jo humare liye behtari ki rah par chalne ke liye hamare Rab ki taraf se ata ki jati hain. Isliye humein apni zindagi ko Allah Ta’ala ke hukm aur raza ke mutabiq guzarna chahiye aur apne Rab par bharosa aur yaqeen rakhna chahiye.

English Translation

In our lives, there are many things that we want to achieve. Sometimes we pray for a purpose, and other times we strive to fulfill a desire. Similarly, we have many goals, aspirations, and hopes every day. All of these have a place in our lives and can bring us happiness.

However, when we search for something, we should first make our request to our Lord. Whatever we ask for, Allah grants us what is best for us. Some things may bring us happiness, but in the sight of our Lord, they may not be the best for us.

Therefore, we should be content and leave our requests to Allah. Whatever goal or desire we have, we should trust it to Him. Sometimes, Allah may not fulfill our desires to guide us towards what is better for us. What we ask for may seem insignificant in His eyes compared to what we cannot understand.

Therefore, we should avoid things that go against the will of our Lord. We cannot fathom the power of Allah, and He is capable of doing everything. Allah knows what we need and can provide us with something better than what we ask for. Many things in our lives come from Allah to guide us towards what is best for us. Therefore, we should follow the guidance and command of Allah in our lives and have faith and trust in Him.

Copyright © 2023 | All Rights Reserved Title: Trusting Allah’s Decisions: The Power of Dua and Acceptance Author: Idrees Farooq Date: February 22, 2023

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