Trusting Allah’s Decisions: The Power of Patience and Faith

Urdu Translations

Jab tum Allah se shadid khwahish karte ho our nahi milte, to yaad rakho ke Allah ne tumhari khwahishat ke mutaliq koi aisi cheez muqarrar ki hogi jo tumhare liye behtar ho. Is liye apni duaon ko mustaqbil ke liye mehfooz rakho kyun ke Allah ke faislay ko anjaam dene ke liye waqt darkar hota hai, lekin jab woh faisla dete hain to woh behtareen faisla karte hain.

Har shakhs apne zindagi mein kai baar kuch khwahishat rakhta hai jinhe pura karne ke liye woh Allah ki bargah mein arz karta hai. Lekin kai dafa shayad un khwahishat ki poori hui na ho ya phir poori tarah se na hui ho. Is waqt hum majboor ho jate hain aur hamari iman mein kami bhi mehsoos hoti hai. Lekin hamein yaad rakhna chahiye ke har cheez ka waqt hota hai aur har cheez ke liye Allah ke pass ek behtareen faisla hota hai.

Hum jab dua karte hain, to Allah ki zaat apne bandon ke dilon mein aisa noor paida karte hain ke woh iman ke sath sabr bhi karne lagte hain. Kabhi kabhi Allah hamare liye koi cheez nahi dete, magar hamara dukh aur takleef unko nahi dikhta. Is waqt hamara iman humein buland rehne ke liye sahara ban jata hai aur hamari duayein Allah ki taraf buland hoti hain.

Is liye hamen khwahishat ke liye apni duaon ko chhod dena chahiye aur Allah se sabr aur iman ki taaqat mangni chahiye. Kyun ke jab hum apni khwahishat ko Allah ke hawale karte hain to hum uss takleef se nijat pa jate hain jo hamari zindagi mein bar bar aati hai. Yehi wajah hai ke Allah ki bargah mein apni khwahishat ke sath sabr aur iman bhi maangna chahiye ta ke hamare liye Allah ka faisla hamare liye behtareen sabit ho.

English Translation

When you strongly desire something from Allah and don’t receive it, remember that Allah must have determined something better for you in regards to your wishes. Therefore, keep your prayers safe for the future because it takes time to implement Allah’s decisions, but when He does make a decision, it is always the best.

Every person has many desires in their life for which they go to Allah’s court. However, sometimes those desires may not be fulfilled completely, which can make us feel helpless and can weaken our faith. But we must remember that everything has its time and Allah has a better decision for everything.

When we pray, Allah creates such a light in our hearts that we begin to have faith and patience. Sometimes Allah does not give us what we desire, but He never ignores our pain and suffering. At such times, our faith becomes a support for us and our prayers are elevated towards Allah.

Therefore, we should leave our desires for prayers and seek the strength of patience and faith from Allah. Because when we hand over our desires to Allah, we are relieved of the pain that keeps coming back into our lives. This is why, in Allah’s court, we should ask for patience and faith along with our desires, so that Allah’s decision may prove to be the best for us.

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