Trusting in Allah Through Life’s Challenges

Urdu Translation

Har insan ki zindagi mein mushkilein zaroor aati hain. Kabhi kabhi hum khud bhi un mushkilon ka sabab ban jaate hain aur kabhi waqt ya kismat ka khel hota hai. Lekin Allah ki rahmat hamesha humare saath hai aur woh humari pareshaniyon se waqif hai. Isliye har mushkil waqt mein Allah se madad mangna zaroori hai.

Jab hum apni pareshaniyon ko Allah ke hawale karte hain to woh hamari madad zarur karte hain. Kabhi kabhi hamare liye sahi samajhne wale log bhi humein galat salah denge aur hum khud bhi apni zindagi ka faisla nahi le paayenge. Isliye, jab hum koi bada faisla lena chahte hain to apni pareshani ko Allah ke samne rakhkar uska faisla lena chahiye.

Iske ilawa, hamein yaad rakhna chahiye ke jo bhi Allah ne chuna hai woh hamari behtari ke liye hai. Hamare paas to sirf ek pal ka ilm hai, lekin Allah to hamare past, present aur future ko jaanta hai. Isi wajah se hamen apni pareshaniyon ko door karne ke bajaye unse seekhna chahiye. Shayad hum apni pareshaniyon se guzar jaayein, lekin Allah ne uss mushkil ka sabak humare liye hi chuna hai.

Toh phir, har mushkil waqt mein Allah par bharosa karke, usse madad mang kar, aur apni pareshaniyon se seekh kar aage badhna chahiye.

English Translation

Difficulties come in everyone’s life. Sometimes we ourselves become the reason for those difficulties, and sometimes it’s just a play of time or fate. However, Allah’s mercy is always with us, and He is aware of our problems. Therefore, it is necessary to seek help from Allah in every difficult situation.

When we entrust our problems to Allah, He surely helps us. Sometimes people who think they know what’s best for us may give us wrong advice, and we ourselves may not be able to make the right decisions for our lives. Therefore, when we want to make a big decision, we should place our worries before Allah and seek His guidance.

Furthermore, we should remember that whatever Allah chooses for us is for our own good. We only have knowledge of a moment, but Allah knows our past, present, and future. That’s why we should learn from our difficulties instead of just trying to overcome them. Perhaps we may pass through our problems, but Allah has chosen that difficulty as a lesson for us.

Therefore, in every difficult time, we should rely on Allah, seek His help, and learn from our problems to move forward.

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