Understanding the Power of Dua: The Gradual Process of Manifestation in Islam

Urdu Translation

“Du’aon se foran mojzay nahi hotay” kehna yeh is baat ka zikar karta hai keh dua ibadat ka aham hissa hai, lekin is ki apni hadood hain. Jab hum Allah (Jal Jalaalahu) se dua mangtay hain, to humain iss baat ki poori tarah se samajh honi chahiye keh Allah (SWT) ka faisla humare liye behter hai ya nahi. Humare bas ki baat nahi hai keh woh humari dua puri kar de, balkay Allah (SWT) apni rehmat ke faislay ke mutabiq humare liye behter faislay karta hai.

“Duaain ahista ahista tumhare liye asbab banati hain” yeh baat bhi bohot zaroori hai. Jab hum dua karte hain, to humein yeh samajhna chahiye keh humari dua puri hone ke liye asbab chahye hotay hain. Allah (SWT) humare liye asbab paida karta hai jis se humari dua puri hoti hai. Jab hum dua mangtay hain, to humein apni mehnat ke sath sath dua mangni chahiye aur phir Allah (SWT) apne farmaan ke mutabiq asbab paida karta hai jis se humari dua puri ho jati hai.

“Phir tumhein us muqam tak lay jati hain jahan kisi kami ki gunjaish nahi rehti” yeh baat yeh zahir karta hai keh jab hum Allah (SWT) par poora bharosa rakh ke dua karte hain, to woh humain aik aisi jagah par pohancha deta hai jahan koi kami ya nakami nahi hoti. Allah (SWT) har cheez ka malik hai aur jab hum us par poora bharosa rakhte hain aur us se dua mangtay hain, to woh humein apni rehmat se nawazta hai.

“Jahan tumhare yaqeen ke samne tumhara naseeb bhi ghutne taik deta hai” yeh baat yeh zahir karta hai keh jab hum apni duaon par pura yaqeen rakhte hain aur Allah (SWT) par bharosa karte hain, to woh humare naseeb ko bhi badal sakta hai. Agar humein apni duaon par pura yaqeen ho aur hum uss takleef se guzartay hain jis ke liye hum dua kar rahe hain, to Allah (SWT) humare naseeb ko bhi badal deta hai.

“Allah kun farma deta hai tumhein man pasand se milwa deta hai” yeh baat yeh zahir karta hai keh jab hum Allah (SWT) se dua karte hain to woh humein aise logon se milwa deta hai jo humare kaam mein madad kar saktay hain. Agar hum us cheez ke liye dua mang rahe hain jis ke liye humein kisi achay aur naseehat mand shakhs ki zaroorat hai, to Allah (SWT) humein aise logon se milwa

Writer: Idrees Farooq

English Translation

The phrase “instant miracles do not happen through prayers” is often used to remind believers that prayer is not a magic wand that can be waved to immediately solve problems or grant wishes. It is important to understand that prayer is not about getting what we want, but about communicating with Allah, seeking His guidance and blessings, and building a stronger connection with Him.

Prayer is a gradual process that requires patience, perseverance, and faith. It is a way to create opportunities for ourselves by aligning our will with Allah’s and seeking His help and support in achieving our goals. By constantly making supplications and asking for blessings, we are reminded of our dependence on Allah and our need for His guidance in every aspect of our lives.

Prayers can also help us to find solutions to our problems, as they allow us to tap into the infinite wisdom and knowledge of Allah. By seeking His help and guidance, we can overcome obstacles and find new paths towards success and happiness.

As we continue to pray and make supplications, we gradually create a space where there is no possibility of any shortage. This means that we develop a mindset of abundance and trust in Allah’s provision, knowing that He will provide for us and meet our needs according to His will.

Ultimately, the power of prayer lies in the fact that it can bring us closer to Allah and enable us to experience His mercy, grace, and blessings in our lives. When we have a strong faith and trust in Allah, our destiny itself kneels down in front of our faith, and we are able to achieve our desires with pleasure.

In conclusion, prayer is a powerful tool that can help us to connect with Allah, seek His guidance and blessings, and create opportunities for ourselves. While we may not always get what we want immediately, we can trust that Allah has a plan for us and that He will guide us towards what is best for us. With faith, patience, and perseverance, we can experience the joy and blessings that come from a life of prayer and devotion to Allah.

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