Surah Ikhlas: The Essence of Oneness in Islam

“Allah Ta’ala ke naam ke sath jab is ayaat ko parha jata hai, to isse koi shak nahi ke is mein poori zindagi ka rasta chhupa hai. Ye ayaat Quran Pak ke Surah Ikhlas mein aati hai. Is ayaat mein Allah Ta’ala apni zaat ka tazkira karte hain aur apni ahmiyat ka izhaar karte hain. Ye ayaat Allah Ta’ala ke oneness aur uski absolute power ke baare mein bayaan karte hain. Is ayaat se maloom hota hai ke Allah Ta’ala ke siwa koi aur mabood nahi hai. Wo sab se bara hai aur uski zaat mein koi shirk nahi hai.

Is ayaat mein ‘Samad’ ka zikar bhi hai, jis ka matlab hai ke Allah Ta’ala kisi ki zaroorat nahi hai, lekin sab uski zaroorat mein hain. Allah Ta’ala apne bandon ki har zaroorat ko pora karta hai aur unhe har mushkil se nijat deta hai. Jab hum is ayaat ko parhte hain, to humein yaad aata hai ke humein apne Rabb ki taraf mukhlis hona chahiye aur sirf usi ki ibadat karni chahiye.

Ye ayaat Quran Pak ki sab se choti surah hai, lekin is mein poori zindagi ke asool samete hue hain. Is ayaat ko apni zindagi ka roshan tarika banakar hum apne Rabb ke qareeb hote hain aur uski ibadat mein kamyab ho sakte hain. Allah Ta’ala apni zaat aur apni sifaat ke zikar se humein samjhate hain ke humein kis tarah apne Rabb ki ibadat karni chahiye aur isse hamare zindagi ki har kami puri ho sakti hai.”

English Translation

“When this verse is recited with the name of Allah Ta’ala, there is no doubt that it contains the path for one’s entire life. This verse appears in Surah Ikhlas of the Holy Quran. In this verse, Allah Ta’ala mentions His essence and expresses His importance. This verse describes Allah Ta’ala’s oneness and His absolute power. It is understood from this verse that there is no other deity except Allah Ta’ala. He is the greatest, and there is no partnership in His essence.

This verse also mentions ‘Samad’, which means that Allah Ta’ala does not need anyone, but everyone needs Him. Allah Ta’ala fulfills all the needs of His servants and delivers them from all difficulties. When we recite this verse, we are reminded that we should be sincere towards our Lord and worship only Him.

This verse is the shortest chapter in the Holy Quran, but it contains the principles of our entire life. By making this verse the guiding light of our lives, we can come closer to our Lord and succeed in His worship. Allah Ta’ala explains to us through the mention of His essence and attributes how we should worship our Lord, and this can fulfill all the deficiencies in our lives.

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